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    hi, i did everything in my triply theme. but tours show now just 2 even i have 10 i dont know why.
    can you fix it please
    thank you in advance.


    Hi you,

    I have just fixed this issue, please recheck.

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    thank you

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    but the map is not workikg
    can u fix it please

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    i did add another tour but no showing.!!!!

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    why not showing what cause????

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    and why u did edit my days title!!
    and u did another prive rate



    #1. Map:
    – Please check the Google API key again, the code you entered is incorrect
    – You need to add Address section:

    #2. Add new tour not showing:

    In the Basic settings section to note
    – Available from Date: must be less than the current date
    Ex: for example today is 03/12/2021
    => Available from Date = 12/2/2021 or the previous date
    – Available to Date: must be greater than the current date

    #3.The old price you entered has a problem, so the data is corrupted, leading to bookings that cannot be displayed outside the homepage. I ran the price update again for all the booking objects to save the price data. However, this new price is overlapping your old price, causing your old prices to temporarily not be displayed properly. Please go to edit booking tour -> Section Prices -> Drag your price bracket at the bottom to the top for priority display:

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    Your dev delete all my content and replace it with default demo!!!!!! why??
    i did lot of work to write my tour content. now i lost everything


    Oh, very very sorry, I saw that the booking object still seems to be a demo, not yet fixed, so when the error didn’t show up, we reset the data. We are very sorry about this incident.
    You check on the hosting to see if there is a backup of the data before, we will back up the old data before it is reset

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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